Where’s my Gadget Show demo and who’s this new geezer

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The clocks have gone forward, the weather is getting nicer and everyone is out enjoying the sunshine. Well, everyone but us. It’s all good though, as we’re knee deep in code and art and it’s for a good cause, as we have a stand at the Gadget Show Live… in case you hadn’t heard! Demo is coming along nicely, levels have been polished, single player challenge and multi-player have been started and other levels are starting to progress.

As a nice boss I decided I really didn’t want to get people to work overtime on the demo, so we’ve done what we can in the time and no-one is feeling burnt out or anything (although Anya is working with a nasty cold). We need everyone in top form as we’ll be manning the stands for six days next week. Comfy shoes have been bought and certain members of staff have been eyeing up collapsible stools (of the sitting variety of course).

However, something strange happened this week…. we got 1/4 bigger. Not by eating too many burgers, but by gaining a staff member! Our new Artist, Frederic, started on Tuesday and he’s jolly good. He’s got stuck into Unity, knocking up some level ideas and is getting used to Blender. He is currently modelling a Dracula-themed robot which is one of the character variations we have for the player.

Will continues to make code, chase bugs and curse at Unity when it crashes. We now have a loading screen, shielded bots are getting nicer, spawners are spawning better (as one would hope) and players are starting to do victory dances (as this is important to us).

Anya has been getting the new boy up to speed, as well as updating levels and adding some new ones. Although her main tasks this week have been responding to my “Anya can you fix this ” or “Anya, can you make me this thing please”. She’s also been up to get eyes in getting the PR art ready for the show. Busy little bee.

I suppose my main new thing this week has been the MagNet upgrade which is looking quite spiffy as well as getting the multi-player and challenge stuff going (with all the usual UI work you have to do as well). I’ve even been getting stuck into Twitter which is something I normally find “challenging”.

We’re almost at the half-way point now in development and I’d say we’re looking pretty healthy. We were definitely a good few weeks behind last month but we’re catching up and Frederic is really going to help things move forward. We also have a new collaborator coming on-board to help us out with concept art. More on that next week.

So, that’s it for this week! Go have fun in the sun, we’ll be clocking off at 6, or as it’s known around here: beer o’clock.

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